The cat and the computer

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Cats are using computers more and these days. As it turns out, computers are perfect objects to sit on, rub up against, mess up with cat hair, and hiss at.

Forget sewing basket. Forget the laundry basket... Computers are much attractive. What more could a cat want a floppy disc to trash, monitors scratch, mouse pad to claw, and laser printers for yoga aerobics practice? And unlike the common stereo or TV, computers lots of sensitive electronic components that can be inoperative by a single hair. Also, unlike rats or squirrels, computers don't fight .

hold other advantages for cats. Consider prestige factor. Simply sit front of one for a long time without moving and people will think you a very smart dude. Try sitting in front the refrigerator and people will start jokes about you.

adapt naturally to computers. Millions years of evolutionary pressures led to cats' perfecting survival skills that enable them to sit for long hours moving on top of a piece of consumer electronics, a TV set. (Humans, contrast, sit in front of the set. You can see how far our revolutionary mechanisms gotten us.) The leap from TV top computers is an easy one most cats to make. In fact, not many cats ever notice any difference the two, especially if humans are staring zombie-eyed both. Few, , make the leap without pulling the lamp along with them.

If cats could write computer books, they would surely have lot to tell us about these brutish machines with an insufficient of body fur to be truly stylish. Here are some of Kitty's tips:
Dispelling Myths About Computers
to rumour, no one has ever lost a tail in a disc-drive door.

If people warn you that your hair is apt short out the computer, ignore them. If it does, someone will fix it. If they don't, cares?

cats, computers are not perfect. So what if a computer can perform eight million mathematical calculations each second? You can sleep for sixteen hours in a computer box. I ask you, who is the superior being?