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Blank cells in JCross crosswords in HotPotatoes are black. I like to have my crosswords with a light-grey background color. You may want to change it: learn how to.

This doesn't have to be a particularly difficult process, and can save you from wasting large amounts of black ink. If you regularly print out crossword pages, you can sometimes find that you are getting through black printer ink extremely quickly. But, by using a simple chunk of code, your standard black background can be edited in no time at all.

View some examples from my Taxonomy under the 'Crossword' section of what we're trying to achieve.

Plain text crossword
Image Crossword
Audio Crossword.

Let's do

So, here's how to change the background colour of the cells of a HotPotatoes crossword.

  1. Create your crossword.htm web page
  2. Edit some CSS

Open the output .htm file in a text or HTML editor and find the CSS part. Look for a chunk of code saying:
table.CrosswordGrid td.BlankCell{

Change it to look like this:

 table.CrosswordGrid td.BlankCell{
     /* My light-grey background color for the blank cells */
      background-color: #a0a0a0;
      color: #000000;

Save, preview, enjoy! And come back for more tips and tricks.

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