Glosses v2

Glosses provide help to students through textual and pictorial clues in Hot Potatoes exercises. Glosses appear when the mouse hovers over the gloss. (Read about the pedagogicial rationale for glossing.)

The differences between Michael Rottmeier's JGloss and this Glosses v2 add-on are that glosses with Michael Rottmeier's are only possible with JCloze. JGloss modifies JCloze to create a page of glossed text that is not itself an exercise. Whereas with this add-on glosses are possible in JQuiz, JCloze, JMix and JMatch standard output and Flashcard output formats. Words and phrases can be glosses in the Titles and Subtitles text fields, in the Reading text field and in the main exercise at the same time retaining the real exercises as we know them with gaps or dropdown menus.

See a demo of the possible places for glosses (with JMix) and a demo exercise with JMatch.

Configuration possibilities:

  • The gloss can contain text, image or both.
  • Glosses take by default the background colour of the exercise.
  • Background colour per gloss is possible.
  • The default width of the gloss is 250 pixels. Custom width is possible per gloss.
  • You cannot gloss gapped words in JCloze, JMix and JMatch dragdrop output formats.
  • The colour of the gloss links and the thick left border of the gloss can be chosen from: Configuration -> Appearance tab -> Link colour

Download the add-on from the Add-ons section.


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