Glosses v2

Glosses provide help to students through textual and pictorial clues in Hot Potatoes exercises. Glosses appear when the mouse hovers over the gloss. (Read about the pedagogicial rationale for glossing.)

Accordion Chunking v2 Add-on

The Accordion chunking is now available as an add-on. Instead of creating your own modification, you can now download v2 as an out-of-the box ready-to-use add-on for creating Accordion chunks with JQuiz, JCloze and JMatch standard output format in HotPotatoes. Textual and pictorial glosses are available as an enhancement.The instructions are in the zip. Download from the Add-ons section.

Audio glosses v2 add-on

Completely rewritten, ready-to-use out-of-the box Audio glosses v2 add-on for creating audio glosses with JQuiz, JCross, JCloze gap-fill and dropdown output, JMatch standard, JMatch dragdrop output and JMatch Flashcard format in HotPotatoes. Featuring the css3_Facelift too. The instructions are in the zip.

For JMix dragdrop there's a separate add-on Audio Glosses with JMix dragdrop v1.

Glossing - Pedagogical considerations

What is in a gloss? Glosses are many kinds of attempts to supply what is perceived to be deficient in a reader's procedural or declarative knowledge.

According to Hullen (1989), glosses were once of three types: synonyms, encyclopedic comments, and grammatical notes.

Blohm (1982) coined the term gloss paraphrase, which he defined as "a type of reader-activated superimposed intratext notation that replaces abstractly-composed text content with concrete referents to promote readers' cognition".

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